Key to getting things done


We need genius to solve difficult problems.  Unfortunately there are not so many geniuses around.  However a group of ordinary people can create a special intelligence of their own.

This is because everyone’s mind has billions of pieces of information.  When a project is mentioned one person might think of four ideas or  how to combine information in a particular way.  Someone else might have five ideas or  only two.  When these are discussed in an atmosphere of good will , new connections form in the minds of everyone present.

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The best mindset

If you adopt a growth mindset for yourself, you are much more likely to achieve your goals as opposed to thinking that you have unchangeable, fundamental characteristics.

Have a look at what a researcher in the field has to say about this. It is very encouraging.



Positive emotions boost productivity and health

Research  in randomised, controlled studies showst hat positive emotions boost our health and improves our relationships, all conducive to productivity in our lives and careers.

These emotions open our visual and social perspectives, our ability to see our common humanity with others. Read more for  a link to some videos and an explanatory article.

What makes men happy

If you want to toast the results of a comprehensive Harvard study into what makes men happy, make sure your glass is filled with only water or fruit juice. You will see why in the fascinating findings.

Read on for the link to the report.

Bedtime wisdom

If you think it is a great idea to maximise your activity by cutting down on sleep, think again. It is not healthy to sleep fewer than seven hours, despite the fact that some well-known people claim they can make do with four or five hours. Here are some websites of interest on the topic.

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Be sure to hug an introvert today (with permission of course). Our society tends to celebrate extroverts and doesn’t have much good to say about introverts. Yet many, many people  are introverts and contribute greatly to society, their family and friends. Want some tips?

Here is a handy guide  on how to interact with introverts:


It has a definition of introversion, and tips on how to interact with introverts. You may well recognise yourself as an introvert and realise that it is just fine to be one.

Old fashioned behaviour

More attention is now being paid to  the “old-fashioned” behaviours as people find they make themselves more contented and their businesses run better.

Have a look at  an excellent article by Andrew Griffiths where he lists some suggestions. Please read on.


1. Treat everyone you encounter with the utmost respect.

2. Be ridiculously polite. 

3. Small gestures make a big difference. 

4. Look for the win/win in every situation. 

5. Put yourself in the other guy’s shoes. 

6. Be generous. 

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