52 Secrets of Psychology

52 Secrets of Psychology is a bestseller

52 Secrets of Psychology is a bestselling book by award-winning clinical psychologist Dr Chris Day

52 Secrets of Psychology

Reviewers say my book 52 Secrets of Psychology gives sound, practical advice—“tips that can spark those light bulb moments and change a life’s course.”

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Shortly after its release it soared to number one on the bestseller list for independent bookshops in Brisbane, Australia (Courier-Mail, Brisbane daily newspaper).

“The book provides 52 succinct passages of tried-and-tested advice,” says Dr Day.

“I have found that when my clients understand and practice these principles, the way they look at the world greatly improves . the situations and people they used to find upsetting no longer bother them so much,” Dr Day says.

“My clinical clients asked me why they weren.t taught these .secrets” earlier in their lives, so I decided to write them down in a concise, understandable way so that others can benefit from them too,” she says.

“This initial runaway success of the book confirms to me there is a huge demand for such advice.

“In times of job insecurity and hits on their superannuation and savings, people understand it is important for their health and future success to be resilient against pessimism and depression.”

Among the 52 topics are: Truth, Experience, Discover your values, Bad Habits, The Power of Beauty, Happiness, Negativity, Pessimism, Grumpiness, Meeting People, Anxiety, Calm, Manners, Backbiting, Judgment, Taking Offence, Goodwill, Unity, Kindly tone, Influence, Nagging doesn’t work, Success.


“Four stars…The advice in this book is sound and practical. If you’ve already started to challenge your thinking or you’re getting outside help in the form of counselling or workshops, this could be a little gem to keep in your pocket or handbag and refer to when you need a reminder to take a breath and consider your thoughts.”

Goodreading magazine

“Dr Day has compiled the guiding principles that she has found to really improve the lives of her patients.the tips that can spark those light bulb moments and change a life’s course.”

Sunday Mail

“Number one position in our best sellers..  Her compact book of secrets is designed to help people deal with stress in all kinds of situation: easy to read, practical, tried and true solutions.”

Avid Reader Bookshop, Brisbane.

“These words of wisdom can help clarify our muddled thinking and set us on a better path. This book will make a difference for a lot of people

Keith McDonald The West Australian,Perth

“The principles, exercises and thinking points contained in 52 Secrets of Psychology are practical, easy to follow.enough to help you move outside the square and inspire emotional growth.. It is likely to put a bit more lift in many areas of your life.”

Lawyers Weekly, Sydney, Australia

“Brisbane author and psychologist Dr Chris Day has dozens of insightful secrets to share, one for every week of the year actually.”

City News, Brisbane

“So easy to read, just what people need when they require some direction. Readers can gain so much insight into their own lives and discover how they can survive, grow and thrive in this world which throws so many challenges our way in relationships, work and life in general.”

Brisbane medical practitioner Dr Alex Ha