I give talks at events for corporations, government and local body departments, and the general public.

My audiences have ranged from district court judges and women engineers, to farmers and local body leaders.

I provide psychological information but make the talks lively and interactive and, if appropriate, entertaining and amusing.

If you want to make a booking, please contact me on or phone 0406 607 648

Among my most popular talks are:

  1. Mental skills training so CEOs, executives and professionals can achieve their goals.
  2. Dealing with difficult people

  3. Key secrets from my book, 52 Secrets of Psychology

  4. Emotional intelligence

  5. How your brain works

  6. Manage your time effectively

  7. Mental toughness: dealing with stress, being resilient against depression.

  8. How to have a healthy balance between work and the rest of your life

  9. Developing a culture of innovation, creative solutions, building capability

  10. The three main tasks of a leader

  11. Integrated leadership: a new and effective way to be a leader

  12. Women as leaders

  13. Optimism in rural communities